Mar 27

How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket : Tips for Installing a New Valve Cover Gasket

Our expert mechanic offers tips for installing a new valve cover gasket when replacing a valve cover gasket, taking precaution for leaks. Learn more in this free car-repair video. Expert: Mark Blocker Bio: Mark Blocker is a semi-retired ASE-certified master mechanic with more than 20 years of automotive experience. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner


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  1. curryridge

    why didn’t you put these in order,? part 1, part 2….etc

  2. Jovsy1

    Y can’t u pit it? all on one clip it’s stupid I watch for 2-3 mins the I have to spend 5 mins looking for the next one.

  3. B3llaB1tch

    HELP! Hi….I have a broken oil cap on a 2003 jeep Grand Cherokee…I pulled off the top part and tried to take off the bottom part in the valve cover but its plastic and cracked when squeezing….I bought a new cap and put the new top in the old bottom part but it? still is difficult to turn off…what else could be dont to loosen it up?

  4. SuperEpic92

    thx mark your the best? ! :D

  5. luic4ever

    The guy has some diction problem. No big deal. Don’t be too harsh on? people. What is your handicap? It seems the retard is you not him. Don’t take it too hard, though, just think (if you can) about it.

  6. scrogking

    @mctapout186 when the engine isn’t running the oil sits in? the oil pan at the bottom of the engine. Only when the car is running is it pumped through the valve area.

  7. scrogking

    @mmdaniels33 it’s ok, but you might get a premature leak you wouldn’t have if you used it. However I would leave the work you did in place, you don’t want to be pulling the cover off again only? to put silicone. You really want to seat the gasket one time. (I’m not a mechanic… I just think I know a couple things ,lol)

  8. mctapout186

    is the oil going to spill as soon as i take off the valve cover?? idk but on? my 5sfe Camry the engine is kind of tilted at an angle.

  9. ShelbyValorie

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  10. bo14221

    i’m having hard time removing left screw underneath the rotor cap from 97? nissan quest. Any ideas?

  11. chevkills

    im trying to remove a vc gasket on a 01 eclipse gt 3.0 motor.. Is there any slots to help pry? it off? and is the surface flat?

  12. mmdaniels33

    I did my subaru valve covers, But i didnt use silicone on either side and cleaned it with brake cleaner. Is it okay for not using? slicone?

  13. cadw600

    omg he doesnt title his videos easily enough to find the next video!! Part:1 Part:2 Part:3 etc. [frustrated] but a very? informative mechanic at its best.

  14. a7xshaner

    its a good thing? expert village gives jobs to retards

  15. laurajdahl

    It was leaking… But I? fixed… No more leaks.. :)

  16. airtech2309

    ssssssuffering sssssssuccotash……..Thanks for the video!?

  17. laurajdahl

    I’m going to buy a valve cover? gasket kit tonight… I’m scared… :o

  18. laurajdahl

    If the valve cover is loose.. Should I replace or tighten it? This is on a 97 jeep wrangler.. Any suggestions please. -I so far tightened the cover and no leaks.. Got the engine at? a junk yard and my brother and dad helped put it in.. Thanks..

  19. laurajdahl

    Would you do the same on a 97 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 I6?? tHANKS

  20. killakingz1

    thanks man, this? really helped.

  21. Sweetdeno22

    There? no signs of oil on the ground

    the leaking gasket most likely occured at some stage between the 85oookm to 100 000km stage. It was dectected at the 100 000 km service . In total that 15 ooo km i had a leaking gasket in one way to see it. next time is at 105 000. There would you agree the gasket should be ok to put of for another 5000 km?

  22. tisaacso3625

    I think as long as your oil light? is not on you could wait until your next oil change.

  23. Sweetdeno22

    just questionjust got my car engline oil? change .After wards ive also been advised i have a leaking Sump gasket.
    Can it be replaced at the nex service

    or its MUST BE DONE ASAP?

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